July 26, 2011

Program Goals: Developmental II

1. To meet each child’s physical needs while encouraging independence in self care.
2. To provide an atmosphere in which children have respect for others.
3. To establish respect for the equipment and materials.
4. To provide a relaxed, loving and calm atmosphere where self-concept is enhanced, independence and choices are encouraged, and self-discipline is gained in an environment where the child knows the limits and expectations.
5. To provide a wide variety of activities within a routine, where cooperative play is encouraged. These activities should be drawn from the curriculum areas of: art, math, science, cooking, music, and movement, large muscle, social studies, practical life, dramatic play, language arts, and manipulative activities.
6. To develop in the child an active curiosity about the world in which he/she lives and an enthusiasm for learning which stimulates exploratory behavior and creativity.
7. To develop in each child an appreciation for beauty and nature.
8. To provide ample opportunity for the use of large motor skills and coordination through physically active play in either indoor or outdoor activities.
9. To establish an observation system in which notes on children are kept.
10. To establish room awareness among staff so that a safe environment is always present both indoors and outdoors.
11. To be supportive of parents encouraging involvement, encouraging open and honest communication while using tact and discretion.
12 To develop staff potential through proper supervision by making expectation clear, following through to see that expectations are met, and utilizing staff input and their abilities.